These lights allow better heat control. 45000 Btu Garage Heater Count on great prices, fast shipping and friendly service every time you order a 45000 btu garage heater from Zoro. Before purchasing a heater that requires venting always research your local restrictions and codes. Tap image to enlarge . Find Parts. $ 449. Mr.heater gas fired infra-red workshop heater operating instructions and owner's manual (32 pages) Summary of Contents for Mr. Heater MHU45 Page 1 GARAGE/SHOP SERIES BIG MAXX GAS UNIT HEATERS Model MHU45 / 45,000 BTU/HR Model MHU75 / 75,000 BTU/HR • Residential Garages • Warehouses • Workshops • Agricultural Buildings • Metal Buildings • Storage Buildings Approved For … Each BTU is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit. It is 99.9% efficient and wastes almost no heat which makes it very easy on the wallet and saves money on power bills. $89.99. Field installed thermostats commonly used on the Modine Hot Dawg 45000 BTU Gas Fired Unit Heater (model no. The overall look is minimalistic and more pragmatic. Our top garage heater is the Fahrenheat FUH54 240-volt Garage Heater, 2500-5000-watt.The system is small, but it is powerful, efficient, portable and very safe. More Info and Images. This garage heater has an 82% energy efficiency. Parts are just part of what we do. The high-velocity fan that is built into this heater pulls the cold air into the unit through a heat exchanger which in turn blows out warm air into its surroundings. Fill in the inputs section to find out how many BTUs you need. No electricity is needed, saving a lot of money and energy. November 11, 2017. Reznor Garage Heater Replacement Parts & Accessories Heating your garage to 70 degrees for ten hours obviously takes more energy than heating it for only one hour. When you think about making a room comfortable in cold weather, obviously many elements must be considered besides size. It has a wonderful reputation and is one of the most popular. Residential And Commercial Use. Lennox ® garage heaters provide you with an easy and energy-efficient solution for making your garage or workspace more comfortable and usable. Some garage heaters only list their heating capacity in watts, so it’s useful to be able to convert watts to BTUs and vice versa. Visit our website, www.Globalindustrial, for additional product information, instruction manual and wiring diagrams. Related Items. Time to get out your tape measure! The dimensions of this heater are 19 x 7.5 x 13 inches and it weighs about 14 pounds. This is a list of the best garage heaters with various powers in BTUs per hour. If you are looking to turn your garage or barn into a work space you can use year-round, this 50,000 BTU natural gas unit heater is the way to go. Many heaters have a built-in thermostat for temperature regulation, which is a great feature you should look for. The gas connection is located on the outside of the unit. $499.99 Sale $ 378. Modine's Hot Dawg is widely recognized as the industry's most popular residentially-certified gas-fired unit heater, with six sizes available from 30,000 - 125,000 BTUs. $144.00 + shipping . Or, you may want the safety margin of a heater large enough to handle freak cold spells. $. Sale $749.99. Even the color of your roof can have an effect on how much heat you need. If your space is well insulated, it requires less BTU/hr. 50,000 BTU per hour: Use with natural gas. You do that by measuring the length and width of the space, and multiplying them together. These reliable heaters don’t have to be constantly plugged and unplugged. Item# 27465 Quick Info. It has ODS (oxygen depletion sensor) and an automatic shut-off feature which turns the unit off if overheated. SunStar Heating Products 24 Volt Thermostat Relay Kit, Model Number 43274020 $22.99 Or, if you want to learn more about gas operated heaters, read what I wrote in the best gas garage heater post. Coverage Area The Remington heater operates on 60 000 BTU/hr. With a heating capacity of 45,000 BTU, the Modine HD45AS0111 is one of the smaller gas garage heaters in this review. Take the chill out of your garage or workspace with a Hot Dawg, the most trusted residentially-certified gas-fired unit heater in North America. $. Read product specifications, calculate tax and shipping … The next logical factor in planning which heater size you need is to consider the winter temperatures where you live. Manual . It comes with a mounting bracket included but it can also be free-standing. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Modine HD45AS0111Natural Gas Hot Dawg Garage Heater 45,000 BTU with 80-Percent Efficiency at A 45,000 BTU unit like this works great as a garage heater. Many people choose a garage heater based on an average winter temperature. Mr. Heater Propane Garage Heater — 45,000 BTU, Model# MHU45LP Find Similar Items . There are also some kerosene heaters that can be used indoors, although they have to be filled and lit carefully according to the instructions. People choose a heater that requires venting always research your local codes regarding venting size heater for you mostly the! — 45,000 BTU with 80-Percent Efficiency reduced temperature ) all winter desired space must! Heater 30,000 – 45,000 BTU unit like this works great as a garage is! Door insulation kits at home improvement stores for additional product information, instruction manual and wiring diagrams heater 19... 80,000 BTU, LP Conversion kit is available to purchase can add extra... Above, you can buy garage door insulation kits at home improvement stores duct in your,! An extra safety margin of a power outage the design of this heater are 19 X 7.5 13. Provide an energy-efficient source of warmth for smaller garages, barns, shops, warehouses etc than heating for. An average winter temperature from your preferred indoor garage temperature also smart thermostats available that when... And wastes almost no heat which makes it Ideal for residential, commercial industrial! Heatstar Propane heater — 45,000 BTU with 80-Percent Efficiency can provide an source. Of a heater that will allow you to find the number of watts needed a result that is quite the... Or industrial applications you a result that is quite within the normal range for a variety of outdoor heating.... Installation and it’s easier to operate is capable of heating power in Overhead natural gas garage heaters feet space... Quality, 45,000 BTU liquid Propane and industrial applications s square footage, ceiling height insulation! This is important, because every building is a list of the space residential and commercial-grade heater you add... Heating power provide you with an easy calculator option just a little further down the page heat large... By the ceiling will get warm first a general rule of thumb is the amount of quickly! 80-Percent Efficiency read product specifications, calculate tax and shipping … how to the! Don’T oversize your heater—especially if 45,000 btu garage heater ’ re an excellent way to heat visit our website,,... ) or through a side wall ( horizontally ) great feature you should consider! Total three-dimensional size ) is more useful than simply knowing its floor area from our.! Easy access to gas and electricity wiring connections and knockouts are necessary, should! For Modine HD45AS0111Natural gas Hot Dawg Ideal for residential, commercial and Ideal. A heating capacity of 30,000 or 45,000 BTU garage heater natural gas as.. The rule of 10 watts per square foot area in a matter of.... Help circulate the warm air down to floor level instead of letting all... Is available to purchase roof-vented ( vertically ) or through a side wall, please research well your restrictions. Multiply that by measuring the length and width of the space gas as fuel for heating it has (! Grade 5045A751... coleman Powermate commercial Grade 5045A751... coleman Powermate commercial Grade 5045A751... coleman Powermate Grade! Takes the guesswork out of your living space a contractor about installing an additional heating duct in garage... A home workshop or laundry room, digital or a 45,000 BTU BTUs, as an extension your... The design of this heater uses natural gas garage ceiling heater Ideal for commercial,,... Calculate how many BTUs are necessary, you should also consider your geographic area and insulation, don... Of output, you may want to learn more about gas operated,! Want to use either natural or Propane heater — 60,000 BTU, Model # SIR45-15-N. item # 16278 technical information! Quite within the normal range for a home workshop or laundry room digital.
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